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icons by spookysandra

icons by spookysandra
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1. All the icons are made by spookysandra*.

2. You are free to take any icon as long as you give me credit** afterwards. I created this journal to share them. If you don't credit them, other people won't know where to find them so there's no sharing.

3. It'd be very kind of you if you made a comment to let me know what icons you're taking.

4. You absolutely CAN'T edit these icons unless I clearly state they're bases. If you'd like to do something with any of them, please ask for my permission first.

5. Direct linking is absolutely prohibited. Save them to your own server.

6. If I find someone stealing my icons, I'll immediately report them to icontheft.

7. This is not a community or support group for icon questions or requests, so don't bother asking me to make this or that or help you with your layout or whatever. There are plenty of communities out there for that kind of thing.

* if I use any base or brush not made by me, I'll give credit to their respective authors.
** give me credit by typing ara_despres in brackets in the icon keywords.